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Guidelines for Safety Council Meeting Attendance Credit

  • For rebate meeting credit, an employer must be in attendance for the majority of the meeting. The Safety Council sponsoring organization is the final authority on whether an employer should be given meeting credit based on their arrival and departure times.
  • The attendance of any employer representative qualifiers for meeting attendance credit.
  • Any person can represent only one policy number with their attendance at a safety council meeting or external training event.
  • No matter the duration of the meeting, training or special event equals one meeting credit. Scheduling multiple events for multiple credit in one day is prohibited.
  • Safety council monthly meetings do not qualify for meeting credit for any employer not enrolled in that safety council.
  • Any safety council sponsored or co-sponsored event will result in regular meeting credit for that safety council’s members. No training the safety council sponsors or co-sponsors should be considered “external training” for its own members.

Guidelines for External training credit

It is the employer’s responsibility to submit an official certificate of attendance for external training credit to the safety council in which they are enrolled by June 30, 2015. For audit purposes, copies of external training certificated must be submitted to DSH as they are received from member companies. External training may include:

  • Ohio Safety Congress – maximum of one meeting credit per event, no matter the number of sessions or days attended nor how many employer representatives in attendance.
  • BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene Classroom Training – Maximum of one meeting credit per course.
  • Industry-specified safety Training – Maximum of one meeting credit per scheduled training with at least one hour of safety curriculum.
  • Seminar, Conference of Special event hosted by another safety council (not safety council monthly meetings)


  • Safety training conducted at the employer’s workplace, online courses or webinars do not qualify for safety council rebate external training credit.

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